Sleepover Supplies

We can provide Sleepover supplies for your party such as Photo Props Kit, Board Games from our library, Popcorn Party, Sleepover Survival Kits or Pamper Packs.


Personalised Bracelets

£4 each with a free bracelet for birthday child

Cotton bracelets with personalised name beads. Free bracelet for birthday girl when ordered for the party.


Photo Props Kit


We can hire out a full photo props kit including a large cardboard frame, snapchat style, Disney princess and classic props.


Board Games Library

£10 for 4 games

Everyone loves a board game!

Don't rush out to buy new ones for your party just choose 4 games from our library for your sleepover.


Popcorn Party


Why not help the guests pop their own popcorn and add their choice of toppings.
A hot air popcorn machine (no hot oil required) comes with popcorn boxes, far more corn that you will require and variety of toppings.


Sleepover Survival Kit

Custom price per kit

Personalised sleepover survival kits can be provided as party bags for each child.
Contact us to discuss the bespoke contents for your party. These could include snacks, eye masks, torches and more.


Pamper Pack

Custom price for your basket

A pamper basket can be tailored to your child's sleepover. 

We could provide a basket containing items such as face masks, flannels, nail stickers, eye masks, head bands, temporary tattoos and more.

Please ask for more information.

Get in touch today and let’s work together to create a magical event.